Brands: Learn the Power of Storytelling

Brands: Learn the Power of Storytelling

If you’re an artist, brand or entrepreneur, this message is for you! I’m spreading my message because I believe in the power of storytelling to drive success, growth and influence for the common good. This could help you stand out, connect with your audience, and reach the next level in your industry! More of that later…let’s get started with the basics.

I imagine some of you might be using various marketing tactics and tools. It can be frustrating when we believe that all the elements are aligned, and we’re doing everything right. We are constantly posting on social media, writing blogs and firing our pitch. Our efforts should help us reach our goals and then…nothing happens.

You believe that your values you’re providing is like a vitamin. So, if people took it then they would be so much healthier, right? The problem is trying to convince people to take their vitamins. Vitamins are not always fun and people would rather have candy instead. So what do we do?

Think of your valuable content as gummy vitamins! They deliver your audience what they want and also what they need. The vitamin is the value you are providing and the candy is the story used to deliver it.

Why Do Stories Work?

When we hear information (for example data reports or product features), we activate a part of our brain that is responsible for processing language. We’re constantly trying to figure out what the words mean. When we hear a story, our brain acts as if we’re living them. This information is all part of a study made by the University of Washington in St. Louis. When marketers say that stories engage your target audience, it’s not fluff; it’s psychology, and it’s incredibly powerful.

I’m not a writer in the traditional sense, and I don’t have the training now to keep readers engaged for hours, and you might be feeling the exact same thing. The good news is that we don’t have to be. It doesn’t take a lot to set a scene in your website, blog, pitch or video. Ordinary, everyday scenes can pull the reader in simply by being relatable.

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