Digital Marketing in 2017

Digital Marketing in 2017

If you’re a filmmaker entrepreneur (filmmakerpreneur), this message is for you! I’m spreading my message because I believe in the power of storytelling to drive success, growth and influence for the common good. Content creation and distribution in most industries, outside of the content about our products and services, have become both more important and integrated over the past year. Let’s explore the ways this information will play out in this coming new year.

There are multiple studies that continue to reveal that most organizations do not have a documented content marketing strategy. Research also says that organizations that do have one will be more successful. Gary Vaynerchuk is an evangelist for the evolution of storytelling and marketing. He still encounters non-believers after years of proof even at his multi-million dollar agency Vaynermedia. Storytelling as an artist, brand, or entrepreneur is something that should be taken seriously in a generation saturated with spammy messages. Allow your organization to stand out. Stop focusing on campaigns only talking about products or services, instead, drive value outside by sharing more about who you are and why do you do it.

The Gateway Drug

Native advertising is the “gateway drug” to content marketing. It’s a type of disguised advertising, usually online, that matches the form and function of the platform upon which it appears. This model was made mainstream through Facebook advertising, which in my opinion is the most underpriced platform for story marketing in the internet today. This is important because five years ago, organizations were spending 80% on content creation and 20% on content promotion. This ratio has slowly switched, with successful organizations creating content, telling a story and putting some advertising and promotion muscle behind it.

Storytelling Emerging

Audiences like to see organizations in a more vulnerable light so they can sympathize with the brand and form a stronger bond with it. We’ve talked about the power of stories to build relationships with an audience and consumers. It doesn’t take “Chewbacca Mom” to show us how big and important it is to have a visual storytelling strategy. Platforms like Youtube and Facebook are utilizing video in a way that experts say will soon surpass the attention television once had. Studies predict online video will be 70% of our data usage by the year 2020. Make sure you educate yourself in the ways you can utilize video and build a community while bigger players make their slow transition into these platforms.

What is the ROI of Stories and Content

This is a topic that might need a dedicated video in the future. Return on Investment through content should not have to be explained in our day and age. People still ask, “How do I show the success of storytelling and content?” Digital marketing and various online platforms are allowing us to track sales and ROI based on content. There are multiple ways to prove a content strategy is successful and is driving success, growth and influence for our films. I’d be happy to share any of these with you.

Is your organization still behind? Do you have a story marketing strategy for next year?

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