Start Marketing with Stories

Start Marketing with Stories

Storytelling is a unique way of building relationships as a brand, artist, or entrepreneur. My message is focused on this concept because it has worked historically. Good stories allow a small venture to have a big voice. It’s critical that you take time to develop your approach of storytelling to reach the masses.

Good writing and content strategy makes a product and its marketing efforts better. When you use stories and a good narrative, it can impact sign-ups, purchases, event attendance, etc. The end result can be different, but the way you navigate it can be very similar in several ways. I’ve started a series that explores guiding principles to help artists, brands, and entrepreneurs tell their stories and reach the masses. To some this might be a new concept. Marketers constantly fight for a consumer’s attention, and there is a lot of spammy advertising out there.

How can you make your brand stand out? Storytelling.

What is Story – Based Marketing?

Some sources officially describe story-based marketing as:

“Strategic use of narratives (otherwise known as stories), rather than data or descriptions, to sell a product or service and build out a brand. It can be used in video ads, print ads, social media, websites, and anywhere your organization reaches your audience of prospective buyers/investors/donors/clients/superfans.”

For centuries, stories have been used to entertain, teach a lesson, and to pass on history. Stories will increase the possibilities to connect with your audience and let me tell you something…audiences are smarter than ever. They are more likely to resist a message if it’s too direct, or “too much like a sale.” Consumers don’t like being told what to do nowadays, but by showing them rather than telling them, you can guide an audience to a conclusion without outright telling them what to do.

Leverage Emotions to Market Through Stories

Stories are more powerful marketing strategies because they affect our emotions. I’ve explained the science of storytelling and studies show that it can have a deep emotional impact in the way you feel about someone or something. Facts and data can be compelling to a certain part of your brand, but a well-established narrative will speak to empathetic emotional sides of the brain.

3 Easy Ways to Start Marketing With Stories

  • Put yourself in your audience’s shoes. Who are you trying to attract? What are their greatest pain points? What would catch their eye, pique their interest, or pull their heartstrings?
  • Characters are essential in a story. Build them into your marketing, like movies or tv shows, characters give your audience someone to connect with.
  • Social media is your friend. Most social media platforms are already designed for you to tell stories. Create shareable content, like a video or an infographic, and post it on the social media platform that makes most sense for you! If it’s compelling, your followers will do the rest!

What audience are you targeting? I’d love for you to tell me in the comments below!


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